The Camacol National Congress, meeting virtually, awarded the construction company Grupo Río Espejo de Armenia the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility award, in the Best Environmental Experiences category, for its Zero Waste Management System project.

The award for Corporate Social Responsibility, in the Best Environmental Experiences category that Camacol grants each year is a recognition that identifies, shares and exalts successful experiences, of high impact and generators of value, led by companies in the construction sector in Colombia , which promotes good environmental, social and labor practices and with the communities.

The award was presented by the president of Camacol Sandra Forero and received by the president of the construction company Grupo Río Espejo, Ramón Díaz Rego, in the last virtual session of the Congress.

The president of the construction company Grupo Río Espejo Ramón Díaz thanked Camacol for the award and said: “This motivates us to continue building a region in Quindío based on sustainable environmental practices. Here at Grupo Río Espejo, we build with you ”.

The Zero Waste Management System has been implemented by the Constructora Grupo Río Espejo, initially in the Torres de Orense residential complex, located in the city of Armenia, which received from ICONTEC and Zero Waste Colombia, the Gold Category certification in the Zero Waste Management System. This certification made it the first residential complex to implement this system in Colombia and Latin America.

According to Ramón Ángel Díaz Rego, manager of the Río Espejo Group, to date, Torres de Orense recovers 59% from the waste produced by the homes of the condominium. Díaz said that the objective of the residential complex for the year 2021 is to recover the 85% of the waste generated by its inhabitants and take only the 15% to the Parque Ambiental Andalucía landfill, thus contributing to the mitigation of the environmental impact through the activation of good practices from the residential sector.

"The important thing about this project is to promote civic culture, respect and love for the department among residents of the complex and all Quindianos, preserving it as a green and environmentally sustainable territory," added the businessman.

He stressed that the initiative allowed the implementation of an innovative circular economy model in the country's housing sector, and that in this way Torres de Orense joins the national circular economy strategy, promoted by the current government of President Iván Duque and led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

The same system will be implemented in the two new projects being carried out by the construction company Grupo Río Espejo, the set of apartments in the Castilian sector in Armenia called Torre Nuria; and in the Eco-ciudad Galicia project in the municipality of Circasia, which are successfully advancing in their pre-sale showcases.